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For the first time, Otis seemed to be listening to us. It's (the methods) are quite different from the standard techniques for correction... Jason spent three hours with us the first session,but the time flew by... it seemed like 45 minutes! I like the fact that Bark Busters guarantees to keep coming back as long as there are issues to be resolved. I finally have hope that Otis will in time learn to be a follower, rather than trying to lead...
Stephanie G., Bridgewater, MA 11th January 2007

Jason was organized with the information and prepared well, and we were very impressed with how well our dogs to the commands right away. Thanks a lot for your help... our boys are so happy and well behaved.
Mark S., Scituate, MA 11th January 2007

Jason was wonderful -- my 4 kids listened to quite a bit of the lesson... I can't believe how quickly Speedy responds. I learned a lot about dogs in general and Jason was great! My neighbor is already jealous of the way Speedy listens... my house is crazy, and my kids kept interrupting along with a few neighborhood kids, and Jason took it all in stride. I'm still not sure how he did it, as our dog had only been with us for one week, and she (and the kids) were very excited. Speedy is now 1 year old and a dream!
Anne Marie C., Scituate, MA 11th January 2007

My husband and I found Jason to be thorough and patient as well as the training to be convenient and easy. We also found the training very effective in helping us to handle a few problems we have. Thanks to Jason and Bark Busters we have A- dogs and continue to strive for that A+!
Joanne S., Avon, MA 11th January 2007

I felt completely educated about how it works and why and I saw results almost immediately!
Cheryl T., Bridgewater, MA 11th January 2007

For a stubborn dog, we did pretty well after just one visit... It's effective, and it's fun to have some quiet and control in the household.
Jenifer Mac, Scituate, MA 11th January 2007

I am very pleased that there is no harsh or rough treatment...I also liked the fact that no treats were given for rewards because the dog is more interested in the praise.
Jean S., Duxbury, MA 11th January 2007

He explained everything perfectly to my entire family. Although I don't allow children to train, I think they should all know how to treat and respect the animal. Also, I like how it is more communication than correction. I think it's important to understand your dog and also respect them the way you want them to respect you. This training technique is so natural for the dog as well as for us. I have been recommending Bark Busters to my clients at the vet's office every since...
Joan R., Bridgewater, MA 11th January 2007

Makes a lot of sense -- and the dog responded to it.
Patty V., Mashpee, MA 11th January 2007

Molly is like a new dog already, after just 1 visit. I have recommended Bark Busters to friends because it works wonderfully!
Lisa Mc., Duxbury, MA 11th January 2007

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