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It makes a great deal of sense! I wish I had met Jason sooner.
Ginny D., Roslindale 7th July 2007

He was very thorough, took our questions and concerns in between the different parts, as something came to our minds of particular concern. I was pleased with the natural training techniques, because even though my dog and I have issues, I still love him. I didn't want the training to be too tough on him. I liked Jason's delivery. He was keeping things at a good pace, and quietly coaching us from the sidelines. His presence gave me confidence.
Elizabeth R., Chatham 1st July 2007

The dogs (we have 2) were recalling much better (especially my older one). The coming out to the house, and the fact that you can call any time and request another revisit -- that's why I would recommend Bark Busters.
Jana B., Plymouth 23rd June 2007

The next day I could still see results and improvements with Bob. Jason was great and engaging with my whole family, including my 9-year-old niece.
Nicole M., Marshfield 22nd June 2007

We felt empowered by his techniques -- we couldn't believe what we were seeing with Zoie (our chihuahua with issues). Very compassionate for both dogs and owners. We totally enjoyed the experience and the fact that we were doing this as a family was great. We are looking forward to practicing what Jason taught us so that we can provide Zoie with a more enjoyable life.
Moneen S, Plymouth 20th June 2007

I'm returning the Bark Busters questionnaire today - and as you might guess, I have only praise to offer! After puppy training, obedience training, and using the gentle leader w/ drugs, as well as purchasing every book and tape, I'm finally finding what I was looking for: hands-on training on how I can lead as the alpha dog which makes sense to Roxy and me! I believe I heard you on the radio (WATD) , and I had seen your truck around and then, I finally decided try something again. I'm grateful I did. Thank you!
Debbie B., Plymouth 31st May 2007

He took his time, and was very patient and thorough. My dog responded immediately to the training aid. The Lifetime Guarantee is particularly attractive -- an all-round good investment.
Janet O., Wellfleet 24th May 2007

Very clear... Bandit's behavior had improved by the end of session. It was easy to follow and humane. Jason presents clearly and engaged us well. It was easy to follow, not much time commitment, reasonably priced, and effective. I was skeptical at first, but Bandit has responded very well to the program.
Joseph G., Centerville 24th May 2007

I have already recommended Bark Busters to friends and neighbors due to the enormous improvement in the dog.
Barbara C., Middleboro 24th May 2007

(Jake) has come so far with the tools you have shown us, and is indeed a happier dog. Which in turn makes us a happier and much less stressed family (especially me!). I have been signing your praises at work, and I know Dr. B has mentioned to clients how I have had such positive results with you and Bark Busters. Thanks again.
Kathy B, Duxbury 21st May 2007

It makes our dog more enjoyable!
Georgia B., Duxbury 11th May 2007

I felt that we could be gentle yet firm, and both our dog and we are pleased. Jason did an excellent job explaining the methods and reasoning behind them. We've had 2 other trainers involved with our dog and nowhere near the success. Thank you, Bark Busters!
Cindy W., Duxbury 11th May 2007

Jason was awesome. We were afraid we were going to have to give Molson away, due to his aggression towards our baby. Jason "fixed" him. We are all thrilled!!
Nancy R., Boston, MA 20th March 2007

I couldn't believe it! Her entire demeanor changed. I was afraid of physical correction -- I love my dog and didn't want her harmed in any way. I feel she is more comfortable at home... I chose Bark Busters because of the at-home training, which gave me more confidence than having her away for a week in a boarding situation.
Lorraine C., Woonsocket, RI 12th January 2007

Jason is knowledgeable and explains the techniques so that they are easy to understand. It's a kind, natural way to train dogs!
Mary M., Marshfield, MA 11th January 2007

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